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India's Best Bare Metal

Dedicated Server

High-performing bare metal dedicated servers for single-tenant. Ideal for websites and applications that demands non-virtualized environments!

Dedicated Server Hosting
800+ Happy Customers
India-Based Server
Intel-Powered Processor
No Noisy Neighbours
Service Level Agreement – 99.95%

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Easily deploy your bare metal server and manage it effortlessly with an add on cPanel.

Intel Xeon Processor(s)MemoryStorageBandwidthDedicated IPMonthly
E5-2609 2.4GHz
(4 Cores)
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E5-2620 2.5GHz
(6 Cores + HT)
32GB 2x2TB SATA 2TB 1
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E5-2670 2.6GHz
(8 Cores + HT)
32GB 2x2TB SATA 2TB 1
Add to Cart
2 x E5-2620 2.5GHz
(12 Cores + HT)
32GB 2x2TB SATA 2TB 1
Add to Cart
2 x E5-2620 2.5GHz
(12 Cores + HT)
64GB 2x2TB SATA 2TB 1
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2 x E5-2670 2.6GHz
(16 Cores + HT)
32GB 2x2TB SATA 5TB 1
Add to Cart
2 x E5-2670 2.6GHz
(16 Cores + HT)
64GB 2x2TB SATA 5TB 1
Add to Cart
2 x E5-2680 2.8GHz
(20 Cores + HT)
64GB 2x1.2TB SAS 5TB 1
Instant Deploy
2 x E5-2680 2.8GHz
(20 Cores + HT)
128GB 4x1.2TB SAS 5TB 1
Instant Deploy

To get a discount on a higher billing cycle, contact sales.

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Choose Your Control Panel

Server management is never a trouble with our broad variety of powerful control panels available. We have partnered with best-in-class web-based control panels like cPanel, Plesk and Webuzo for you to manage your bare metal dedicated server with ease. If you have choosen CentOs for your dedicated server then you can pick cPanel, or Plesk for CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu operating systems while Webuzo is the right fit for CentOS and Ubuntu.

1 Account
5 /mo
One-click installer
2 /mo
cPanel WHM
1 Account
9 /mo
5 Accounts
16 /mo
30 Accounts
22 /mo
50 Accounts
30 /mo
100 Accounts
38 /mo
Web Admin
10 domains
13 /mo
WordPress Toolkit SE
Web Pro
30 domains
20 /mo
WordPress Toolkit SE
Subscription Management
Account Management
Web Host
Unlimited domains
30 /mo
WordPress Toolkit
Subscription Management
Account Management
Reseller Management

You can buy the above control panel at the time of checkout.

Multiple Choice of Operating Systems

You can use our dedicated server to install from a wide range of predefined operating systems that you can choose from. Simply select the OS of your choice and let us know so that the setup is ready and you can get started in just a couple of minutes!


Compatible with Webuzo, cPanel and Plesk.


Compatible with Plesk.


Compatible with Webuzo and Plesk.


None of the control panel is compatible.

Windows OS

Compatible with Plesk.

Windows Server2012
Windows Server2016
Windows Server2019
Reach us at  [email protected],
or start a Sales Chat Now!

Bare Metal Servers Vs Virtual Server

Bare Metal Servers Virtual Server
It is a physical server that is dedicated to a single tenant, meaning that they aren’t shared between any tenants. A physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers.
Get unrestricted access to your complete machine and hardware at the component level. You can access the physical server only through the hypervisor.
With a bare metal server, you get a fully isolated environment. As the server is physically divided you get a virtual environment.
As you get a complete physical server it is a little pricey. The cost is comparatively lower than the bare metal server.
Mostly suitable for organizations that run services and operations which demands highly efficient computing hardware for their execution. Ideal for businesses that runs several operations that require multiple users and that plans to expand their web applications in the future.
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Key Features

Hardware RAID

Our bare metal servers support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10 that you can buy if required at an additional cost.

Premium Bandwidth

We can provide 100 Mb/s to 1 GBPS bandwidth for your bare metal server.

Private VLAN Subnets

Create private server clusters through virtual LAN subnets of 10Gbps.

Robust Network

The network at our data center is connected with Multiple Internet Exchanges that include NIXI, DE-CIX, Extreme-IX, Extreme-IX - Bandwidth from industry-leading service providers.

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Every bare metal dedicated server is incorporated with one IPv4 and IPv6 address. More IPs can be purchased at an additional cost if needed.

Service Level Agreement

We are proud to offer one of the highest levels of network uptime guarantee (99.95%). Your website will always be up and running proudly to give your visitors a happy surfing time.

Looking for a fully customizable bare metal server?

Who Should Choose a Dedicated Server?

High Traffic Websites

The continuously growing online business results in high-traffic on your site. This might outgrow the usage of your shared hosting. A dedicated server will give your site the power to run quickly, reliably, and without interruption even when your website gets high traffic.

Large E-commerce Websites

E-commerce site owners cannot afford the downtime in their business as this will directly hamper their sales. Downtime means the loss of sales for them, isn't it? A dedicated server will ensure that your online storefront can withstand high traffic during the busiest hours so as to keep your sales rolling up.

Agencies with High Profile Clients

A dedicated server is a perfect place to house your client's needs and to impress the millions of fans visiting your site with a fast and reliable experience.

Resell Your Resources

It is always fun to have little side hustle, isn't it? If you're a web designer or developer, you can easily create additional revenue from each of your clients, just by hosting their websites on your own dedicated server.

Dedicated Server Management

We provide both managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting service. By default, all our dedicated server hosting plans are unmanaged. This un-managed Linux dedicated hosting is suitable for clients having hands-on experience of managing a dedicated server. We do provide limited assistance with un-managed dedicated server plans.

Un-managed Dedicated Server Support
  • Initial Dedicated server hosting setup.
  • Control panel installation if license purchased from BetaHost.
  • Re-installing the OS.
  • rDNS setup.
  • Hardware and Network related issues.
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Managed Dedicated Server

If you want experts to manage your Linux dedicated server and secure your website then choose our server management service add-on at the time of sign-up. Our dedicated support staff will be available 24x7 to manage your Linux dedicated server and provide top class services at the lowest prices.

What is a difference between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting?

Unmanaged dedicated hosting = With unmanaged dedicated hosting, you just rent a blank server and customize it according to your needs. You will be in charge of all the technical tasks like server maintenance, security, software updates and everything that is required to keep your server secure and smoothly sunning.

Managed dedicated hosting = With managed dedicated hosting, you get a separate allocated team of experts that will carry out the setup and management of your dedicated server tasks. You can reach out to your team any time of day and they will resolve the technical issues for you.

What is the advantage of having a dedicated server?

Unlike other traditional hosting platforms which are 'shared' among number of users, a dedicated server is assigned to a single user. You get complete access privileges to the server. You get dedicated resources so, there is no chance of other websites or users affecting the server performance. Full administrator access allows complete control of all the software applications installed along with the operating system. Our cheap dedicated servers in USA are competent to handle high traffic websites.

Do you also provide control panel?

We provide cPanel and Plesk control panel option with all our dedicated server locations. If you purchase the control panel from us then our team will install and configure the control panel on your server.

What are the Operating System (OS) options available?

We provide CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian and RHEL option in Operating System. You will get the option to choose the OS at the time of sign-up.

What is RAID?

The Redundant Array of Independence Disk (RAID) is a data storage virtualization technology which merges multiple but individual physical disk drive components into one or more logical units to achieve the data redundancy.


The Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) is a means of creating a storage subsystem composed of multiple individual disks, for the purpose of gaining security - through data redundancy - and performance. With our dedicated server hosting for Linux, we offer RAID-1.

This method of storing RAID data is known as duplication. The data is written to at least two disks, which offer a high degree of data security, but may cause a slight decrease in performance due to the capture of data on two disks.

What type of RAID do you offer with your dedicated servers?

BetaHost only offers hardware RAID (no software RAID) and can provide a multitude of RAID options, including but not limited to RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, and RAID10. Customizable solutions are also available. For more information, you can contact our sales department.

Do I get physical access to my dedicated server?

All the dedicated servers are housed in special areas of our data centers. Physical access to dedicated servers is not allowed. Only authorized personnel from BetaHost Team can access the dedicated server environments.

Do you offer backup services?

We offer various backup options and solutions for our clients. For more details contact our sales team.

Can I upgrade my VPS account to a Dedicated Server?

Yes. If you already have a VPS hosting account, you can upgrade to dedicated hosting plan at any time.

How much time will the server setup and installation take?

Once you sign up for a dedicated hosting server of your choice, the setup process will take approximately 24 - 72 hours for completion after payment is received and verified. You can start using your new server upon receipt of the server and control panel logins.

Is there a limit on the number of websites that I can host?

We have not set any limit on the number of websites that you can host on your server. You can host as many websites as you want and the only restriction is the amount of free resources available on the server.

Can I upgrade the server?

Of course! You can upgrade to a new server anytime. Contact us through Live Chat, Email or Phone call and we will guide you with the upgrade process

What level of access do I get?

You get full root SSH access / administrator privileges to control, manage and run the server.

Can I get different specifications from the ones mentioned on your website?

Absolutely! BetaHost also offers custom servers. Please contact us through Live Chat or Email if the server specifications you require are not listed on our website. We will get back to you with the closest matched specifications and pricing at the earliest.

What payment options do I have for purchasing the server?

BetaHost provides multiple online payment options. The modes of payment that you can choose from are - Debit Card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro), Credit Card (Visa, Master Card), Net Banking, Cheque and Cash deposit payment.

Why choose BetaHost?

Dedicated server is the obvious choice when it comes to hosting a high traffic website, eCommerce store or mission-critical data. Getting the right dedicated server for hosting such type of websites is in itself a big challenge. We at BetaHost truly understand the value of your time, money and business. Our approach is totally different. We are not here, just to sell a dedicated server box as we believe in building lasting relationships. Without understanding and analyzing your requirement, we will not propose a solution. Right from setting-up a single server to configuring cluster for high availability and server load balancing, we have solution for every requirement.

BetaHost provides best dedicated servers in USA with 99.95% uptime guarantee. Our dedicated hosting solutions would be flexible and scalable, so you are not locked into technical specifications if you need any changes. We will help you to power your website with the latest hardware and innovative technologies. Opt for our cheap dedicated server plans for running small projects or contact us for a custom solution, if you are planning to run resource-intensive website. Our team will help you to pick the right dedicated server at your choice of location.

What is a bare metal server?

A bare-metal server is a physical server with a single-tenant environment. They are specially designed to run web applications that demand highly efficient computing hardware without any interruptions. This type of server does not share its resources with any other server, which means no virtualization, no noisy neighbours and a fully isolated environment.

A bare-metal server is highly reliable, has great stability and excellent durability.

What will be the server location of my bare-metal dedicated server?

The datacenter location of bare metal servers is in (Mumbai) India. Our infrastructure meets the exact requirements and surpasses performance to provide maximum security, efficiency, and accessibility.

Are there any charges for the server setup?

No, there are no charges for setting up your bare metal server.

How is BetaHost dedicated server different than other dedicated server providers?

BetaHost provides actual physical server when it comes to a dedicated bare-metal server which means no virtualization and fully isolated environment, while some dedicated server provider offers virtual server under their dedicated server plans.

How does dedicated server hosting work?

When you opt for a dedicated server at BetaHost, the server is built with state-of-the-art infrastructure with powerful hardware and is capable of handling your resource-heavy web projects like website, web applications, database, video streaming, etc. If you are a fast-paced company and constantly require high-demanding web applications with powerful server configuration, then a dedicated server is a perfect fit.

Who is dedicated server hosting ideal for?

If you need a powerful and robust hosting environment, bare metal dedicated server hosting is for you. Also, if you have a good hands-on server and its management then it will be an advantage.

What type of website should not use bare metal Dedicated Server?

Any type of website can be hosted on a bare metal dedicated server. But a website with high traffic is more ideal than any other site. Shared hosting and VPS hosting is more appropriate with websites that have less traffic and require fewer resources.

Can there any downtime while upgrading from a VPS to a dedicated server?

No. There are fewer chances of downtime. Our dedicated server can be set up in minutes unless you have any custom configurations that may take more time to setup.

How do you maintain your data centers and servers?

Our team is available at the data center 24/7/365 to ensure the working of our servers to avoid any interruptions and keep your site up all the time.

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